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The Body psychic
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Integrative Shamanic Healing

Touch Transform, LLc

 Evanston Wellness Group

1909 Central St., Evanston, IL

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Over 20 years ago, in my first "healing circle" I realized that I had an innate gift of healing touch. From then on over the years I have studied Reiki to the Master Teacher Level, (teaching classes out of Touch Transform studio) Shamanic Journey (now hosting Shamanic Journey Circles monthly), all the while developing my ability to communicate with Archangels, Ascended Masters, Spirit Guides, and Spirit Animals. 

What could happen in a session? 
In this session (different from the Spiritual Guidance) we delve into what the Universe, your Guides and Ancestors have to bring to you.  I might clear out your energy field, "balance" Chakras, clear out past traumas, bring to light that which needs to be revealed and healed. 

Sometimes a client might come in with an idea of what is going to happen and we may never touch on that! So it's important to come with and open mind and heart.  What is needed for you and your souls higher good is the intention. There might be something that you're not aware of that's blocking you from being the best version of you! I am here to clear the way, make a path and help you feel lighter, more clear and with hope.  

If you have questions please call 847-332-1510 and ask to speak to Michelle 

Some past clients have reported being, well, surprised by what came up.  Here are some Testimonials about this specific type of session:

Mouse was a wonderful healer. She intuited a message from my childhood that I had forgotten and that was the big clue to over coming a long bad habit and changing my self care routine. ~Maria

 I met with Mouse for a Chakra alignment and the experience was nothing short of amazing. Her gifts in various healing modalities are truly inspired by the Holy Spirit. Mouse and I worked on clearing energy to move me from a place of feeling overwhelmed and stuck in grief to feeling lighter and hopeful. She is a truth revealer with the ability to see what is not being spoken because she uses her unique talent to tap into your heart space and work on a level that I do not understand; however, I am eternally grateful for. During the session, I remember her saying, "I let your body and spirit talk to me to tell me what to do." WOW!!! If you are looking to shift and you are ready for the experience, you need to book an appointment today! Be ready to behold your transformation while working with Mouse. ~Anjie