Michelle Savaiano, LMT, RMT

Many health professionals believe that if we can release Jaw pain and discomfort the rest of the body will easily fall in line. 

Through extensive training with Walt Fritz from the Pain Management Center out of Rochester, NY I have learned to provide a safe and effective way of addressing issues with the Neck, Swallowing, Voice, Breathing and Speech as well as TMJ, Grinding and Clenching issues.  The MFR technique I am trained in brings about change in a slow, gentle way, allowing the nervous system to "unwind", "release" and/or "relax" areas of the body I work on.  Improvements might include, opening of air way, improved swallowing, loose/relaxed neck, getting "your voice back", release of tension headaches due to grinding or TMJ - just to name a few. 

I would expect to see some results in clients after 1-3 treatments, after which time a new assessment will be performed to see where you are and where you would like to be.  This treatment is available to everyone. 

I am open to SLPs referred patients, seeking a more experienced and focused approach for their patients success. Also Voice Teachers, Voice Coaches, Professional Singers or Students.  And of course those of us out there that carry off of their stress in their Jaw!  I believe in this work and I love being able to give relief to clients quickly. 
Please email me if you have
any questions at TouchTransform@gmail.com

The work that I do addresses issues of head/neck cancer,

treatment of fibrosis, issues of breath/breathing,

dysphagia, dysarthria, ankyloglossia,

various dysphonias, articulatory disorders,

trismus/TMJ disorders, as well as practical applications for a wider range of issues and disorders. The work is also appropriate for common issues of singing and speaking, yet if you have pain in your neck, jaw, skull - this could help you! Please do not hesitate to call, I'm here to help and no one is left out.  I've worked on people who have been stressed and clench their jaw, competitive cyclists, singers and people just needing to find relief - finally. 


We accept cash, check, credit cards and Flex Pay.   
The duration of the treatment is 50 minutes at $90 and 25 minutes at $65.
First time clients are encourage to book the longer session first. 

Booking your follow up appointments is important and will be discussed prior to you checking out, please bring your schedule with you.

Booking your session on line either at the top of any page or to the left at the "Book  Now" button. you will be directed to Genbook our online booking system. Sessions are listed as MFR NECK in the online booking program. You'll choose your service, therapist, date and time. 

PLEASE do not wear perfume, cologne, lotions, oils or make-up for this session.  The work is performed dry w/out oil or lotion. 

Here is a video of my teacher using one of the techniques that may be required in your personalized session: ​


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Myofascial Release (MFR) Treatment for Neck and shoulder pain;
Swallowing, Voice, Breathing and Speech Disorders &

​for grinding, Clenching of teeth & TMj pain