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During your shiatsu session you will wear soft, loose-fitting, clothing such as sweats or yoga clothes.  Liz will ask you to lie down on a futon, or cotton mat, that has been prepared for your arrival.  Depending on your specific situation, she will ask you to lie on your back, on your stomach, or in some cases on your side.   If it is uncomfortable for you to lie flat, pillows and bolsters may be used to support sensitive areas such as the knees or ankles.

60 Minute Shiatsu $95
90 Minute Shiatsu $125

If you have a Wellness Package or Gift Card you can use it towards this treatment service

Liz may use palms, fingers, or thumbs to treat the meridans.  She will use leverage and her body weight rather than muscle strength to control the amount of pressure.  This is safer for both the receiver and the practitioner and allows for a range of pressure from very light to very deep based on the receiver's needs and preferences. Liz may check in with you to make sure that the amount of pressure feels right.  During the session, feel free to let her know if you would prefer more or less pressure.

A treatment will address the whole body, with extra emphasis on resolving your primary complaint.

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